Tips for choosing the correct eyebrow shape for your face:

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Oval face: The strands should be more arched, with slightly angled eyebrows.

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Heart face: a fuller, rounder brow will help soften the overall appearance.

How to draw perfect eyebrows
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Round face: doesn't go with a thin eyebrow, as it makes the face chubby. Bet on the angled and bent ones
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Angled face: a thin, soft angled brow will help soften the overall appearance.

Other tips:

  • Women with large eyes should not pluck their eyebrows too much. They should be stronger, thicker, and more marked.
  • On the other hand, those with small eyes can and should bet on the removal of the hairs below the eyebrows to "lift" their eyes.
  • Who has eyes closer together, needs to remove the inner corners of the eyebrow. This gives the impression that the eyes are further apart.
  • For those with distant eyes, bet on straight and less arched eyebrows.
  • Bet on straight eyebrows if you want to convey more seriousness, especially if your face is wide or round.
  • If you want to look more sensual, invest in arched eyebrows.¬†They harmonize the face, especially if it's thin.

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