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Eyebrow Wigs FAQs
What sets the Bliss and Beyond Eyebrow Wigs apart from other products in the market?
Unlike most other eyebrow wigs that use a knotting method, our innovative technique replicates real hair growing from the brow line, rather than sitting on the surface. This results in an authentic look that sets us apart from other products.
How are the eyebrow wigs created?
Our Eyebrow Wigs are created using 100% real and authentic hair to achieve a natural look. The hairs are individually attached to a micro net using a skin-like gel backing, which creates a realistic look and allows for easy application. The wigs replicate real hair growing from the brow line, ensuring a natural expression and breathable skin.
Are the Eyebrow Wigs reusable?
With proper care and gentle handling, the Natural Brow Wigs can be reused multiple times, lasting up to 5 applications. Some buyers have even reported wearing them continuously for 3-5 days on each application, which can make them last up to 15-25 days depending on your skin type and how often you use them.
Is the micro net visible once put on?
The micro net is virtually invisible when applied correctly, and with proper application, it will feel like a second skin. You can enhance the color, shape, and vibrancy of the Natural Eyebrow Wigs with an eyebrow pencil if desired. 
Can I trim them?
Yes, please take it slow and trim them gradually. If trimming is necessary, handle it with care and precision.
Are they waterproof?
Our Eyebrow Wigs can be safely used in the shower, but prolonged submersion and exposure to pool chemicals is not recommended.
How do you attach the Eyebrow Wigs?
To attach the Eyebrow Wigs, use our adhesive to apply them to your brows.
  • First, apply the glue to your brow line where the eyebrow wigs will be placed.
  • Then, apply a very light amount of adhesive on the back of the brow wigs and wait 45-60 seconds until the adhesive turns clear.
  • Place the brow wig over your brow line, taking care not to apply too much adhesive on the back of the wig.
  • Over-applying adhesive can cause the glue to stick in between hairs and potentially damage the wig.
Can I wear the Eyebrow Wigs overnight?
Yes, you can wear the Eyebrow Wigs overnight without any issues. If you do so, we recommend laying face up to avoid misplacing or crinkling the wigs.
How do I reposition, remove, and clean the Eyebrow Wigs?
To remove or reposition the Eyebrow Wigs, use tweezers to gently pull them off by the inner corner. To remove the glue, carefully pull or roll it off in one piece as the glue is stretchy. Then, to clean any remaining residue, use your fingers to pick it up in the same way you clean your false lashes.
Do I need to apply more glue during the day?
If you have very oily skin, you may need to reapply the Eyebrow Wigs during the day, as abundant skin oils can cause them to loosen. Avoid scratching or rubbing the brow area to prevent them from becoming loose or removed.
What should I do now that I've tried and realized it's not what I expected?
If you're feeling like the eyebrow wigs aren't meeting your expectations, don't worry - we're here to help. We understand that our wigs may not be the perfect fit for everyone, as they can work great on some people and not as well on others. If you're not satisfied with the product and feel uncomfortable wearing them, please use the following link to submit a return request.
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