Eyebrow Tattoo

MicroBlading & Shading Tattoo
A combination of hair stoke and powdered brows to achieve a natural look with a hint of makeup.

We offer two types of brow tattoos: Dramatic and Natural.

  1. Our Dramatic style is truly innovative, featuring a powder finish that combines real hairstrokes with a make-up-ready look. With no need to apply brow powder separately.
  2. Our Natural style effortlessly creates a "make-up no make-up" look, giving you the illusion of naturally flawless brows. Whether you're relaxing or going on a date, these brows are simply perfect.

We offer Four shapes of brow tattoos:

  1. Hollywood Brow Tattoo Style: Embrace the glamour of Hollywood with this eyebrow tattoo style featuring a high arch that exudes elegance. Perfect for those seeking a bold and sophisticated look, these eyebrows enhance facial features with a touch of red-carpet allure.

  2. Las Vegas Brow Tattoo Style: For an effortlessly chic everyday appearance, the Las Vegas brow tattoo style offers a low arch that complements any lifestyle. These brows are designed to provide a natural yet polished look, ensuring you're ready for whatever the day in the city of lights may bring.

  3. Miami Brow Tattoo Style: Capture the essence of Miami's vibrant energy with a round-shaped eyebrow tattoo. This style radiates a youthful and playful vibe, enhancing your facial symmetry and adding a touch of trendy flair to your overall look.

  4. Los Angeles Brow Tattoo Style: Channel the laid-back glam of Los Angeles with thicker eyebrows featuring a low arch. This style emphasizes a more relaxed and effortlessly cool aesthetic, creating a bold frame for the eyes while maintaining a touch of sophistication. Ideal for those wanting a thicker, statement brow that embodies the West Coast vibe.

Before and After