About Us

Bliss and Beyond USA arose from a personal experience, an intimate struggle to bring comfort and a smile to a loved one’s face.

This is our true story:

My aunt battled cancer bravely; she would always brace for it and managed to look upfront about the entire process. However, Her spirit wavered when she lost her hair and eyebrows due to the effects of Chemotherapy. “I don’t want to go out anymore,” she said one day, tracing the space where her eyebrows used to be. “I lost my eyebrows, so I just can’t.” Those words broke my heart, and that very moment I decided that I needed to give my aunt a gift, a chance to step out again and without any worry. That was the first time I researched and discovered “Eyebrow Wigs.”

Eyebrow wigs were tricky, and some didn’t give a satisfying result. I bought several of them for my aunt, but unfortunately, none looked natural or realistic enough. Even though I loved the entire concept of eyebrow wigs, I couldn’t understand why every eyebrow wig in the market had a knot!? So, I sat down, looked into the whole thing, and realized that the easiest way to make a pair was to attach hair, one by one, to the net. Any other way felt impossible, but that didn’t stop me from trying and making one.

I worked hard to make my eyebrow wigs. The goal was to make them look as natural as the real one as if the hair were growing from the skin. It wasn’t easy, of course, but I didn’t give up. I failed a lot of times, but I would get back up and start all over again. I can’t even remember how many times I failed. Each pair took as long as two hard hours to make, but I let time drain away while focusing hard on the quality. Using a unique method that no one used in the market, I attached individual hair on a micro net to increase the natural appeal and easy application. This novel process gave the appearance of hair growing from the brow line rather than sitting on the surface. And finally, after what felt like the hundredth time, I created one that looked real, soft, and as natural as I wanted. I gifted it to my aunt, and she loved it!

After my aunt started using these eyebrow wigs, the people around her were surprised. They would ask her stuff like, “how come your eyebrow is growing back so fast?” No one could fathom that she was wearing an eyebrow wig. When my aunt told them, they were astounded and told my aunt that the world needed these. When I reminisced that there must be many like my aunt, who needed to feel good and confident again, I set to work!

I started with research, and I found out that many factors caused people to suffer hair loss. It wasn’t only chemotherapy, but also Alopecia, thyroid, burn victim, and many more. All this motivated me to continue my journey and create natural eyebrows for these people. This is why I established Bliss and Beyond USA.