About Us

We Are The Company Who Provide The Natural False Eyebrows Made By 100% Real Hair

The Natural Eyebrow Wigs are perfect for those struggling to regrow their eyebrows after excessive tweezing or waxing or those with thin or sparse eyebrows. These Eyebrow Wigs are made with 100% real hair for an authentic touch. Each individual hair has been attached onto a micro net with a skin-like, flexible gel backing to increase the natural appeal and for easy application. This unique process gives the appearance of hair growing from the brow line rather than sitting on the surface.

They only take seconds to apply, are long-lasting and can even be trimmed to your desired length to fill in thin areas instead of using frustrating makeup methods.

People who suffer from eyebrow loss due to medical conditions, treatments, stress, alopecia, thyroid issues, illnesses and hormonal changes, as well as signs of ageing and scar damage, can gain their confidence back with the Natural Eyebrow Wigs and enjoy realistic, luscious eyebrows again.

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