Eyebrow Wigs

 Eyebrow wigs are exactly what they sound like: They're little eyebrows with real hair that you affix to your face, typically with special wig glue. Though eyebrow wigs have gotten more attention lately in the midst of the brow craze (thanks, Cara Delevigne!), they’ve been a go-to for cancer survivors and those with alopecia for many years.

My what big eyes you have!

Beautify Your Eyes with Reusable Magnetic Lashes

These gorgeous 10x Magnets Magnetic eyelashes adhere to your eyes with an
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Sylvia Flores

Honestly, these wigs are heaven-sent and make a huge change in my life for the better. The eyebrow wigs are created not just for the sake of cosmetics but for the inner well-being as I’m feeling right now. Thank you so much for helping me to choose the right color and handy tips to apply them as well.

Nicole White

No more of having my eyebrow wigs looking like suspended in glue from too much of pomades; these eyebrow wigs not only saves my time considerably but also perks up my whole face! And thankfully I can experiment with more makeup looks with full, lush eyebrows like the products. Will buy more of the wigs soon!

Sandy Lu

I didn’t expect the eyebrow wigs made me feel beautiful and I feel more confident when talking to other people, especially to strangers. The look of them while listening when I’m talking instead of focusing on my lack of eyebrows is a huge relief! Definitely an investment for my self-care.