Eyebrow Wigs

 Eyebrow wigs are exactly what they sound like: They're little eyebrows with real hair that you affix to your face, typically with special wig glue. Though eyebrow wigs have gotten more attention lately in the midst of the brow craze (thanks, Cara Delevigne!), they’ve been a go-to for cancer survivors and those with alopecia for many years.


Real Hair Eyebrow Wigs

Each individual hair has been attached onto a micro net with a skin-like to increase the natural appeal and for easy application.

This unique process gives the appearance of hair growing from the brow line rather than sitting on the surface.

Waterproof & Smudge-proof

Eyebrow Tattoo stickers

Unleash Bold Brows, No Boundaries! Our Eyebrow Tattoo Stickers: 3-day wear, zero fade. Elevate your look with commitment-free confidence. From workdays to workouts, these waterproof wonders stay put, even in the shower. Embrace the freedom of flawlessness – try them today!

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My what big eyes you have!

10X Magnets
Magnetic Lashes

These gorgeous 10x Magnets Magnetic eyelashes adhere to your eyes with an
iron grip.

Glue-less lashes

Magic Lashes

With a quick flick of adhesive eyeliner, you set the scene for volumized and full eyelashes that’ll make you the belle of any ball!

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