Hollywood 02 (Dark Brown)


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Tish Stapf

I never thought that I would find ANYTHING that would make me happy in the “replace my missing eyebrows” category until THESE. I was able to trim a bit of the tails off, apply the adhesive to them, and put those babies on with no problem… they have stayed on for FIVE DAYS SO FAR, with minor lifting at the inner edges. I’ve only had to pat that down upon waking up before I clean my face and moisturize (making sure it does NOT get near them).
The eyebrow tattoos I liked so much were great, but frown a time or two and *crack* or *split* they went! Visible defects were seen within a day, and sleeping rough wore the tails off. Other than that they were pretty awesome- didn’t rub off if you touched them or got them wet.
These new ones? They didn’t budge when I washed my hair, but I was careful. I’m curious to see what happens when I *have* to take them off and reapply them. So far they’re hanging on like they’re my own! If I had a decent pic I’d show you! 😂

Francine Cox

Let me say I was worried. I tried the others, no. This is the best!!!! I will post a picture next. Ladies absolutely try you would love. I have a few tips and just a few.. First when you mark peel place a few dabs of water, peel. That’s it. Next have a good liner to add to your liking, then concealer also when I did I also was able to brush my touch up liner.. As real as real. Also I took a brown powder to take a little shine off. Perfection is it. Beautiful. It’s very light like nothing is there at all. I give it a 10 plus. Thank you bliss. Hollywood is fire.

Mia Adams
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